Stores Inventory Management

From 16 Till 20 Oct. 2022
Specialization: Warehouse and Logistics Mgmt


  • Understand objectives of the modern inventory management and stock control
  • Get an Insight on demand planning, role of finance, cost implications and customer service
  • Formulate inventory classifications, types of demand and various factors affecting the demand
  • Identify the Applications of forecasting techniques to determine demand and efficient management of lead-time
  • Understand modern inventory systems, methods, and their applications
  • Establish optimal order quantity, safety stock and reorder point to maximize inventory turn
  • Understand various stock controlling tools and techniques to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and cost of warehouse operations
  • Learn inventory management best practices to help you to reduce cost, increase productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Establish inventory management performance (KPIs) and continues improvement measures

Places you have to visit after your training program in Amman

Umayyad Palace

The Umayyad Palace gives visitors a glimpse into life during the Umayyad period in what is now Jordan. While largely restored, the palace is a popular photo spot, as both inside and out offer spectacular images.

Mount NeboMount Nebo

When visiting Mount Nebo, the scenery is spectacular. You'll see panoramic views of the area as well as the valley of the River Jordan to the north.

Amman Citadel Hill

Visitors flock to the citadel to see the glorious hand that is believed to be the hand of a large Roman statue of Hercules. This hand is all that remains of the statue and is a symbol of the Roman hero's strength. Other remains of the temple include two complete pillars along with the ruins of four other pillars.